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Q&A for Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Answered by Dr. Gerry Fisher

We asked Dr. Fisher some questions about Daily Contacts and here is what he had to say...

Q: Do you find that your patients express positive feedback about daily disposables, and what is it that they are most happy with?

Answer: Comfort! Anyone who has switched to single use loves the fresh feeling of putting in a new lens everyday.

Q: Will it be more expensive for me if I need to use a new pair of contacts every day?

Answer: Slightly, but this is offset by generous rebates from manufacturers when you purchase an annual supply. Also, remember you wouldn't have to purchase contact lens solution which cost $80-$120 yearly.

Q: Are there certain conditions of the eye, or any other reason why you would specifically recommend to a patient the use of single use contact lenses?

Answer: Patients with allergies, dry eyes, or a history of eye infections all greatly benefit.

Q: Are daily disposable contacts available for patients that wear specialty contact lenses?

Answer: Yes, contact lens parameters available expand every year. Just because you were not a candidate previously doesn't mean that there isn't a daily disposable for you now.

Q: Is there anyone that is just not a candidate for daily disposable contacts?

Answer: Yes, there are patients with certain refractive error and medical conditions that can not wear single use lenses. But that number is shrinking all the time.

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